Blackston 5000

Blackston 5000 GAR from Indonesia is the most Popular type of Coal in Markets of India and South East Asia in terms of Industry Users. The product is suitable for Users having Requirement of Good Quality with Competitive Pricing and aiming at Reduction of Costs and maximising Return on Investment

Sulphur below 1% Ash below 10%

Calorific value 5000 GCV (ARB) 6000 GCV (ADB)

Blackston has use in all Major Industrial Applications and Power Plants. Natural Gas, Solar & Wind Power have high Captive Cost and Per Unit Cost. While the other Biodegradable Plant or Wood Wastes and Lignite Coal are in Very Low Quality & have very Low Burning Potential. Hence, Blacston is the most Cost efficient Energy Producer

Most competitive product in the market to keep production cost low

No other coal type can compete with Indonesian thermal coal in price/quality metrics.

Indicative Technical specification

Parameter basis Attributes
Gross As received ARB 5000 GAR
Total Moisture ADB 22% to 26%
Inherent Moisture ARB 12% to 14%
Ash Content ADB Below 10%
Volatile matter ADB 38% – 45%
Fixed carbon ADB By Difference
Total Sulphur ADB Below 1%
Size 0 – 100 MM 90%
HGI 45 – 55
Note: The above chart provides indicative understanding. We will publish actual technical specifications as per our upcoming shipment.